Recycled Water Planning and Funding Assistance
City of Redwood City, California

West Yost has been providing the City with recycled water regulatory assistance since the beginning of its recycled water program in 2004. This has included preparing the City’s Title 22 Engineering Report, customer guidelines, and other necessary regulatory documents, and facilitating discussions with the San Francisco Bay Regional Board and the State Division of Drinking Water (DDW) to permit the City’s project under Regional Board General Order 96-011. With the introduction of recycled water to the City’s water supply, DDW requested the City update their cross-connection control program, and West Yost drafted the revised City cross-connection control ordinance. West Yost prepared additional Title 22 Engineering Reports for the dual plumbing of Hotel Sofitel, and for dual plumbing of the Transitional Housing Wing of the San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center. West Yost has also prepared guidelines and a framework for uses not included in Title 22, such as mobile car washes and commercial window washing and coordinated discussions with DDW for approval of these uses. West Yost keeps the City abreast on pending legislation and regulations, and represents the City at the Bay Area Clean Water Agency Recycled Water Committee meetings.

In addition, West Yost has assisted the City over several years with funding applications for various recycled water efforts. These efforts have resulted in the following awards for the City:

  • $1.1 million Title XVI grant from the Bureau of Reclamation
  • $3 million Prop 13 grant from the DWR
  • $1 million Prop 50 grant from the DWR