Recycled Water Feasibility Study/Urban Reuse
California Water Services Company, Chico District, CA

West Yost worked with Cal Water’s Chico District to develop a recommendation on what role recycled water could play in Cal Water’s future water supply, identify the ultimate size of Cal Water’s Urban Reuse Project, and develop a phased approach to project implementation.

West Yost completed this project in two phases. One of the main objectives of the first phase was to determine the potential size of Cal Water’s Urban Reuse Project. Like other urban areas, potential non-potable reuse areas typically targeted for recycled water use include: school landscaped areas, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, and commercial/business park landscaping. West Yost used an existing GIS database, and enhanced it by adding additional data sets (such as existing/known wells used to irrigate other parks, school fields, etc., that are not served by Cal Water) to help identify those potential application areas not currently served by Cal Water supplies, and to also add Cal Water’s government water meter data set. In addition, West Yost identified  the most cost-effective project elements and determined requirements for seasonal storage.