Recycled Water Facilities Planning and Permitting Assistance, Wastewater Reuse Facilities Planning
City of Davis, California

The City is nearing completion of a significant improvement project for its Water Pollution Control Plant that will eliminate treatment components (i.e. ponds) that have historically lost significant volumes of water through evaporation and percolation. Once the improvements are complete, water losses will be eliminated, and additional effluent flows will become available. The City was interested in short and long-term strategies for wastewater reuse opportunities of these additional flows, as well as options that would eliminate the City’s surface water discharge completely. The alternatives evaluated include agricultural, municipal, and landscape irrigation; supply to landfill facilities; and wetland habitat reuse. West Yost facilitated meetings and negotiations with landowners and stakeholders for potential reuse sites, as well as with the Central Valley Regional Board. 

West Yost is currently assisting the City with the initial implementation phase of this project involves construction of pumping and conveyance facilities to deliver water to a landfill facility.