Recycled Water Distribution Project
City of Hayward, California

West Yost is designing the City’s first phase of their Recycled Water Distribution System which will serve approximately 40 irrigation and industrial customers. The project includes the design of a 1 MG steel recycled water storage tank, a 2 mgd pump station, and approximately 52,000 linear feet of distribution pipeline 8- to 12-inches in diameter. West Yost is also working in an advisory role to the City providing guidance and assistance in all aspects of establishing a new recycled water program.

Pipeline Design. West Yost evaluated the reuse and conversion of an existing Shell Oil fuel pipeline to a recycled water pipeline which was determine to not be cost effective and too risky. The design includes work in heavily-traveled urban streets, several trenchless crossings, and coordination with railroad and Caltrans. 

Tank Design. West Yost evaluated three alternative sites within the City’s existing treatment plant site and various tank sizes and materials including steel and concrete. The evaluation included consideration for the relocation of an existing odor control facility within the treatment plant.

Pump Station Design. West Yost evaluated pump station options including vertical turbine can pumps and split case centrifugal pumps. The pump station design addresses both existing and future flows to allow space for expansion for future phases. 

General Order Permitting. West Yost prepared the required documents for permitting the City’s recycled water program under the new 2016 State Recycled Water General Order. This included preparation of the Title 22 Engineering Report, Program Manual (Operations Plan), and Notice of Intent for submission to the Regional Board and Department of Drinking Water for approval.