Reclaimed Water Distribution System Project
City of Medford, Oregon

West Yost assisted the City with their development of using treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation. This effort has been in response to increasingly stringent discharge requirements imposed by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for discharge of effluent to the Rogue River. West Yost developed the facilities plan which recommended that the City further evaluate reclaimed water production to reduce the impact of pending Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) on the Rogue River.

The City also selected West Yost to assist them with implementation and design of the reclaimed water distribution infrastructure that will allow the City to deliver the reclaimed water to local farmers with a combined irrigation area of 530 acres. Crops will range from pasture and hay to fruit trees, sweet corn, vegetables, and berries.

West Yost began the project by preparing a detailed evaluation of pipeline route alternatives to identify the most cost effective alignment with the least potential for impacting natural resources. Public input played a key role in this evaluation. West Yost and the City jointly conducted several public participation sessions to provide information to the public and to gain input regarding the alignment alternatives. In addition to the public input, the alignment evaluation included cost assessments, environmental issues, permitting requirements, and constructability.

West Yost prepared final design drawing and specifications for construction of the distribution pipelines. The project includes design of approximately 24,200 lineal feet of 18-inch diameter, 12-inch diameter and 10-inch diameter pipe. Portions of the pipeline will be “bored and jacked” beneath surface features, including a railroad crossing and one stream crossing. Branch lines will be installed from the main conveyance pipe to each individual piece of property. These branch lines will be provided with an isolation valve and will serve as a point of connection for each private irrigation system. West Yost prepared the land use determination application and all of the sites slated to receive reclaimed water have been approved by Jackson County. All land use issues were quickly resolved and final approval from Jackson County has been obtained.

West Yost also prepared the initial Reclaimed Water Use Plan that includes the water balances and nutrient load information that will be used by DEQ to provide final approval. The construction of the project is pending a DEQ decision on the Rogue River Temperature TMDL.