Pump Station 10A, Reservoir 10A Seismic Upgrade and Pipeline
Dublin San Ramon Services District, California

West Yost provided engineering design and construction management services for a 2,100 gpm pump station (10A), 300 feet of 8-inch pipeline and approximately 1,500 feet of 20-inch pipeline, seismic improvements to a partially-buried 3 MG reservoir (10A), and water distribution system interconnections.

This project incorporates the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (RFTA) into the District’s Pressure Zone 1 service area; integrates the Parks RFTA Reservoir with the District’s system to increase Zone 1 storage; meters water use by the Parks RFTA; and allows cycling of Reservoir 10B from the District SCADA system by modification of Turnout 4. Specifics on the facilities designed and constructed include:

  • 2,100 gpm pump station which includes three 20-hp pumps located in an enclosed building. Additional work includes building demolition, site piping, site grading, paving, fencing, electrical, instrumentation, pressure reducing/control valves, and appurtenant facilities.
  • 300 feet of 8 inch pipeline in Barnet Boulevard between Gleason Drive and Pump Station 10A, approximately 1,500 feet of 20 inch pipeline between Pump Station 10A and Reservoir 10A, and connections to Reservoir 10A through existing 12 inch inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Seismic improvements to a partially buried, 3 MG reservoir. The work includes demolition, concrete wall repair, partial replacement of existing wood roof, addition of plates and framing anchors, replacement of existing ventilators, backfill of earth depressions adjacent to the reservoir, drainage improvements, and appurtenant facilities.