Peer Review, Construction Management & Inspection for Pleasant-Hill Grayson Creek Trunk Sewer Project
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, California

After West Yost performed a peer review for the design of the Pleasant Hill-Grayson Creek Trunk Sewer, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District selected West Yost to provide construction management and inspection services for this $10 million project for construction of approximately 10,000 feet of 18 to 24-inch diameter trunk sewers. West Yost performed contract administration and inspection in support of the District’s Project Manager and Resident Engineer. More than half of the project alignment was installed by trenchless methods consisting of auger boring and pilot tube guided boring. The new trunk pipeline had three significant under-crossings using 36-inch steel casings located at Grayson Creek 96-inch culvert on Pleasant Hill Road; the 62-inch Contra Costa Canal pipeline (United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) right-of-way) on Westover Drive; and twin 72-inch storm drain box culverts on Pleasant Hill Road at the City of Martinez city limits.

The downstream portion of the project was located in a densely populated residential community with narrow streets and no sidewalks, low overhead utilities, and an elementary school. West Yost coordinated with City staff, residents and local businesses to minimize project impacts by preparing detailed traffic control plans and distributing door hangers. The upstream portion of the project included work in a significant commercial development corridor. Construction was performed while the existing sewer system remained in continuous operation. Pleasant Hill Road and Taylor Boulevard were major arterials with high-volume traffic which could not be closed during construction.