Oak Park Regional Storage
City of Sacramento, California

West Yost designed an off-line storage project to address flooding and assist the City in meeting their EPA issued consent decree to improve performance of the combined system through a new facility to store flows and reduce street flooding temporarily during storm events. These conveyance facilities then allow the stored storm flows to be released back into the combined sewer system.

The off-line storage project includes 800 feet of new 724-inch combined sewer pipeline, a weir structure, and an approximate 500,000 cubic foot underground storage facility located in a community park. The storage facility consist of parallel 10 feet diameter pipelines connected to a common cast-in-place concrete inlet/outlet structure.

Based on preliminary estimates from an ongoing CCS Update Study, the dollar investment/gallon of flood reduction at the Oak Park Facility is estimated to be the lowest of all the City’s seven similar facilities constructed to date.

In addition to flood control and combined system overflow protection, this project provides additional significant benefits to the community. Most significantly, it will transform an unused portion of the park into a youth soccer field.

Industry Awards

California Water Environment Association, Sacramento Area Section, 2013 Engineering Achievement Award