North Well Replacement Project
Western Municipal Water District

Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) contracted West Yost for hydrogeologic and engineering services to replace the North Well in their Murrieta Division. The North Well is a 650-foot-deep production well that yielded approximately 2,400 gallons per minute (gpm) upon installation in 1985. By late 2016, the yield of the North Well declined to approximately 500 gpm, due in part to declining groundwater levels in the area, and it was removed from service due to sand production and casing failure. WMWD intends to design and install a replacement well to restore groundwater production capacity in the area. The replacement well will be drilled on the same parcel as the North Well and deeper to restore lost capacity. Other deeper water supply wells in the area experience elevated levels of arsenic. 

The scope of work includes destruction of the existing well and above grade facilities, design of a replacement drain line for well pump-to-waste discharge, preliminary design of a new 1,000-foot-deep, 1,000-gpm production well, bid support, engineering services during well construction and final well design, well equipping, and design of above grade facilities including a CMU building to house electrical equipment and chemical facilities. West Yost developed a preliminary well design and specifications for drilling, testing, and construction to characterize the vertical distribution of water quality and yield at the location with the intent of constructing a well that will meet drinking water standards for arsenic without the need for treatment. The project is currently in construction with anticipated completion in 2020.