North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program – Turlock Component Project
City of Turlock, California

This $28 million recycled water pipeline project was constructed to convey Title 22 recycled wastewater from the City of Turlock’s outfall location at the San Joaquin River to the City of Modesto’s effluent pump station location about 7-miles away.  Once completed Turlock’s recycled water will be pumped from an existing pump station at the City of Modesto’s wastewater plant to the Delta Mendota Canal, where the Del Puerto Water District will extract the water to use for their agricultural needs.  The project was funded by an SRF loan administered by the City of Turlock and will be repaid by the Del Puerto Water District customers.  The recycled water pipeline was a 42-inch diameter welded steel (cement mortar lined & coated) pipe, installed along the shoulders of S. Carpenter Road, W. Main Avenue, and Jennings Road in Stanislaus County.  The pipeline had three (3) crossings that were environmentally protected, requiring micro-tunneling.  The pipeline installation work included temporary road closures and reduced traffic lanes to complete the work, coordination with the local power agencies, AT&T, and the City of Modesto, and restoration of over five miles of roadways.  The project completion was 2 months late, due to an abnormally wet 2018 winter.  The project reached Substantial Completion March 2020 with change orders less than 2%.