Nitrifying Sidestream Treatment Facility

West Yost is currently providing construction management and inspection services for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District’s (Regional San) $40 million Nitrifying Sidestream Treatment (NST) project and the nearly complete $15 million disinfection conversion project.  The NST project included the construction of a triple-train sequential batch reactor treatment process that will take highly concentrated wastewater from the final treatment solids storage basins and provide a pre-treatment process similar to a BNR.  The process includes screening, pH adjustment, and air activation using turbo blowers.  The supporting facilities include a lime storage and feed facility, fine screening, effluent pump station, dedicated electrical building, a washdown pumping station, and a storm drain pumping station.  The project is about 75% complete and is scheduled to finish on-time, with change orders less than 3% and no lost-time accidents.  The work is performed in a very tight location within the plant and adjacent to other construction associated with Regional San’s $1.5 billion EchoWater Project.