Municipal Well Design and Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
City of Woodland, California

West Yost is supporting the City of Woodland’s (City) efforts to expand and improve the quality and sustainability of its groundwater supply. The City relies completely on groundwater, which is produced from an intermediate depth aquifer. The City is expanding its groundwater production to meet projected water demands and improve water quality by constructing new wells in a deeper aquifer zone which, locally, has superior water quality. West Yost has evaluated hydrogeologic conditions and groundwater quality, designed the wells, and provided hydrogeologic support during construction. West Yost is currently preparing a groundwater management plan for the City.

Aquifer zone sampling test results, water quality data from multi-completion monitoring wells, and other subsurface information was used to calculate blended water quality from multiple aquifer zones, which individually exceeded water quality standards for nitrate, arsenic, manganese and other parameters. Well designs were then developed to draw water from selected zones predicted to result in blended water quality that would not require treatment. The constructed wells do not require treatment for public, potable supply. West Yost assisted the City in well siting and prepared drinking water source assessment reports. Analytical element modeling was also used to assess potential groundwater impacts caused by the City’s new wells. We have developed an excellent working relationship with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), Central District. DWR provides in-kind services, including geologic logging and chemical analysis at no cost to the City.

Specific water well design projects are described below:

Woodland Well 24: This 2,000 gpm municipal water well is located in the new Spring Lake Community. Above-ground facilities include a building that houses the well pump motor and discharge piping, chlorination equipment, motor control center, and a diesel standby generator. Special architectural features and noise control measures were incorporated into the design in response to the sensitivity of this site.

Woodland Well 25: This project included a siting alternatives analysis in coordination with multiple City departments. Once a suitable site was selected, a multiple completion monitoring well was constructed and documents were prepared to support interaction with surrounding residents about the proposed production well facilities. The well was expected to produce 2,000 gpm to supplement the City’s water supply, however, due to water quality concerns, a production well was not constructed at this site.

Woodland Well 26: This project involved upgrading an existing water well that was owned by the City but had not previously been used for municipal purposes. Above-ground facilities include site improvements, discharge piping modifications, and installation of a small building that houses chlorination equipment.

Woodland Well 28: West Yost is currently designing this new water well to replace Municipal Water Well 1, which must be destroyed to accommodate the new Yolo County Courthouse. The well is expected to be about 800 feet deep and to produce about 2,000 gpm. Above-ground facilities will include a building that houses the well pump motor and discharge piping, chlorination equipment, and a motor control center. A portable diesel standby generator will be housed adjacent to the building. Special noise control measures will be incorporated into the design in response to the sensitivity of this site.