Integrated Water Resources Plan
City of Fresno, California

West Yost provided an update and refinement to the Fresno Metropolitan Water Resources Management Plan (Metro Plan), which includes a key focus on conjunctive use for long-term supply reliability and sustainability.

Key focuses of the City’s Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) include: development and implementation of a conjunctive use program, with an emphasis on groundwater supply sustainability and reliability; the possible “marketing” of previously treated and recharged wastewater flows to downstream irrigation customers; and incorporating additional system operational flexibility to address changing water quality requirements.

The Metro Plan, originally prepared in 1996, is an IWRP for the greater Fresno/Clovis Urban Area. West Yost updated, refined, and provided additional definition to this IWRP using new data, and incorporated other policy and system operational changes/issues that have occurred since the 1996 Metro Plan was issued. Planning horizons included by near-term planning and long-term,  2025 (General Plan horizon) and beyond.