Integrated Regional Water Management Planning
Northern Sacramento Valley Regional Water Management Group, California

West Yost is working with the six county Northern Sacramento Valley Regional Water Management Group (NSV RWMG) on their first collaborative Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). Prior to the commencement of the current project in October 2011, West Yost developed options for a regional planning governance structure (including the governance structure adopted by the client), prepared a technical memorandum of future project financing options, prepared a successful US Bureau of Reclamation grant application ($100,000 grant), and prepared a successful Proposition 84 planning grant application ($900,000 grant) which is currently funding the development of the IRWMP.

Our work on the IRWMP addresses all 16 required elements of an IRWMP as set forth in the California Department of Water Resources (DWR’s) 2010 IRWM Guidelines. The work includes public outreach and communication, development of goals and objectives, incorporation of DWR’s California Water Plan Resources Management Strategies (RMS), solicitation and evaluation of local project proposals, evaluation of proposals with regard to overall integration as well as impacts, data management, future options for both governance and project financing, as well as direct support to the client in facilitation and support of monthly Technical Advisory Committee meetings and quarterly Board meetings. The West Yost team brings extensive technical expertise to this project in the areas of water, wastewater, flood control, groundwater, water quality, environmental resources and GIS mapping, in addition to facilitation. The Northern Sacramento Valley IRWMP is on track to be adopted in September 2013. West Yost has developed an excellent working relationship with our clients on this project, and has been successful in working through a number of challenges brought about by extensive public involvement.