Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
Water Resources Association of Yolo County, California

West Yost was part of the consultant team that helped develop the 2007 Yolo County IRWMP, a multi-jurisdictional planning document. Subsequently, West Yost worked directly for the Water Resources Association (WRA) of Yolo County on 2010 project updates to the 2007 Yolo County IRWMP projects list. West Yost prepared a combined Proposition 50, Round 2, Step 1 grant application for several proponents of projects contained in the Yolo County IRWMP.

The WRA’s member agencies include the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland, Colusa County Water District, County of Yolo, Dunnigan Water District, Reclamation District 108, Reclamation District 2035, the University of California in Davis, and Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District. As part of our ongoing work for the WRA, West Yost aided the WRA as they expanded their IRWM planning area based on: (1) the emerging watershed-based approach to integrated water resources planning, and (2) the desire to expand the boundaries to adjacent counties with common watershed boundaries and adopted IRWMPs.

The Yolo County IRWMP represents multi-jurisdictional planning with implementation elements that involve several levels of government including several water utilities. This project has required West Yost to work effectively at addressing a myriad of stakeholders, including concerns of residents and farmers, municipalities, and irrigation districts.

The IRWMP provides a wide-ranging vision for the future water management in Yolo County, consistent with the intent of Proposition 50. High-priority water management actions including projects, programs, or policies are identified to improve water management in Yolo County.