Hydrogeological Study Report for South East Bay Plain Basin Groundwater Management Plan Development Project
East Bay Municipal Utility District, California

West Yost conducted a hydrogeologic study in support of EBMUD’s Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) for the South East Bay Plain (SEBP). This study aided EBMUD’s efforts to implement conjunctive use to improve water supply reliability. The project study area included the entire SEBP extending from the City of Hayward in the south to the City of Oakland in the north. The project included the following activities:

  • Compiling and reviewing well location and construction information, groundwater quality and water level data, and previous groundwater investigations completed in or adjacent to the SEBP study area.
  • Developing an Arc Hydro for Groundwater GeoDatabase to organize, store and present groundwater information obtained during the data compilation effort.
  • Development of a groundwater conceptual model by updating hydrogeologic cross-sections developed in previous technical studies with new basin information.
  • Documenting the SEBP basin characteristics; delineating basin boundaries; and establishing the baseline hydrogeologic conditions of the SEBP basin in a technical report.
  • Converting an existing Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Model (IGSM) to a USGS MODFLOW model, updating the model to reflect the improved groundwater basin understanding, calibrating the model for the SEBP study area, and making recommendations for additional improvements to the model.
  • Documenting the methodology for the groundwater model update.

For the Hydrogeological Study Report for SEBP Basin GMP Development Project for EBMUD, West Yost developed a cost-effective approach using state-of-the-art Arc Hydro tools (including Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolkit and ArcGIS) to quickly update EBMUD’s cross-sections and develop maps and groundwater models in an ESRI environment. The ArcHydro Groundwater Tools were used to evaluate existing conditions and pre-process information for the model update. In addition, West Yost delivered additional automated tools built and utilized during the data evaluation efforts for use by EBMUD staff for future investigations.