Groundwater Modeling and Assessment for Large Scale Photovoltaic Projects
First Solar

West Yost has provided modeling and assessment of the groundwater supply for four of First Solar’s large-scale photovoltaic solar energy projects in California and Nevada. The USGS groundwater flow models MODFLOW and WTAQ were used to evaluate the potential effects of groundwater pumping to support projects in four separate groundwater basins (Ivanpah Valley Groundwater Basin and Palo Verde Mesa Groundwater Basin, California, and northern Ivanpah Valley and Garnet Valley, Nevada). The model results were submitted to local and federal agencies to support the projects’ environmental impact statements (EIS). 

West Yost provided engineering and hydrogeologic design services for the construction and equipping of the 2,000-feet deep Playa Well. The well was constructed by First Solar, but ownership is being transferred to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), and the well will be used for municipal supply by the City of North Las Vegas, a SNWA member.