Grogan Park Well Design and Construction
City of Modesto, California

West Yost provided design and construction services for a new municipal supply well with a desired production capacity of 1,000 gpm or more, without the need for wellhead treatment. The hydrogeologic work for this project included developing the technical plans and specifications (P&S) for the bidding, design and construction of both the above-grade and below-grade facilities for this well. The below-grade technical specifications were focused on determining if groundwater of sufficient quantity and quality could be found at this site, and providing hydrogeologic services during the test hole drilling, collection and logging of representative cutting samples, discrete aquifer zone sampling, geophysical logging of the borehole, well design, well development and pump testing. 

The above-grade facility design and equipping of this well included meeting with City Operations staff to discuss and understand their preferences for certain manufacturers or pieces of equipment and layout of the site, so that the P&S for these above-grade well equipping facilities could become the City’s new standard design template for well equipping, including but not limited to site layout and pump station equipping, to provide consistency, uniformity and efficiencies in the design process and water system operation from facility to facility.