Grogan Park Production Well
City of Modesto, California

West Yost is providing hydrogeologic and engineering for the City’s Grogan Park (formerly known as the Tivoli Well) Production Well. The goal of this project is to construct a new municipal well with the capacity of approximately 1,000 gpm or more without the need for wellhead treatment. The below-ground hydrogeologic work has included developing protocols/contract specifications for test well drilling to determine if groundwater of sufficient quality and quantity can be found at the site, providing hydrogeologic services during the pilot hole testing and pilot hole reaming/drilling, logging and aquifer zone sampling, well design, technical well construction supervision, well development, and step and constant rate pump testing. West Yost provided hydrogeologic support in determining the best water yielding strata based on lithological, geophysical and water quality data collected during test drilling of the pilot hole, and made recommendations for the final well design including zones to be screened, screen size openings, sand pack gradation, and location of subsurface borehole seals.