Flag City WWTP Facilities Planning and NPDES Permit Assistance
San Joaquin County, California

West Yost provided a facility assessment for the original design of the 0.16 mgd, Flag City Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This work included an evaluation of the disposal capacity of the onsite storage pond, and an evaluation of several long-term disposal and reuse options. Through this study, it was determined that continued land disposal in the short-term was not feasible. Therefore, this study culminated in the development of an NPDES permit application and Report of Waste Discharge to allow for surface water discharge. West Yost provided support services throughout the permit renewal process, including negotiations with Regional Water Quality Control Board staff, and data analysis.

Following the adoption of a permit, West Yost completed several compliance studies required under the permit. These included a Pollution Prevention Plan, a Receiving Water Temperature Study (in conjunction with Robertson Bryan, Inc.), a Treatment Feasibility Study, TRE Implementation Plan, a Mercury Study, and a Groundwater Study to assess potential impacts associated with historic storage basin disposal. West Yost also worked with the County to successfully negotiate an extension of the original permit compliance deadline for construction of Title 22 tertiary treatment facilities.

In addition to these regulatory services, West Yost provided ongoing facilities planning services to identify the best option for ensuring long-term compliance. This has included an assesment of the treatment plant improvements needed to achieve compliance with the Title 22 tertiary treatment standards, an identification and evaluation of additional treatment and source control measures that may be needed to achieve compliance with current NPDES limitations, identification of potential reuse and/or land disposal opportunities, and an assessment of facilities needed for discharge to the City of Lodi WPCF.

This work has culminated in the decision to discharge the Flag City wastewater to the City of Lodi.