Emergency Groundwater Supply Program
City of Santa Rosa, California

Based on the City’s adopted Groundwater Master Plan (completed by West Yost in 2014), the City began the aggressive implementation of their Emergency Groundwater Supply Program (EGWSP). Currently, approximately 95% of the City’s potable water supply is provided by the Sonoma County Water Agency (Agency), and 5% is supplied from City production wells. In the past, there have been instances where the Agency’s supply has been impacted and water deliveries curtailed or stopped entirely (for up to 24-hours), leaving the City to meet customer demands from storage and its two operating groundwater wells during the outage periods. Therefore, to increase the redundancy of the City’s water supply sources in an emergency condition, (e.g., during an earthquake along the Rodgers Creek Fault that bisects the City), the City has decided to move forward with implementation of the EGWSP.

The EGWSP is a multi-phased Program that is focused on the following major Program elements:

  1. Converting existing test wells into emergency supply wells;
  2. Identifying specific sites for the City’s next two emergency production wells;
  3. Identifying new test well/emergency well sites, and conducting exploratory drilling at these sites.
  4. Investing in retrofitting and rehabilitating existing City emergency wells, to ensure these assets are reliable and functional in the event of an emergency.
  5. Looking for opportunities to partner with existing well owners for possible use of their wells during an emergency condition.

West Yost’s efforts on the EGWSP are on-going and we are currently in the process of actively converting two existing test wells into emergency supply wells; have identified two specific locations to construct the City’s next emergency supply wells; identified and prioritized the next six test well drilling sites; and are working on pump and well upgrades at two City well facilities.