Drainage Master Plan Study for Neighborhoods 6 & 7
City of Citrus Heights

West Yost was selected to prepare drainage master plans to evaluate undersized drainage systems within Neighborhoods 6 and 7 in Citrus Heights. These master plans mostly consisted of predesign of improvements to solve known flooding problems. In a few areas, the existing drainage system was a traditional curb and gutter system that drained to an underground pipe network. However, much of the area was a non-uniform mix of roadside ditches with driveway culverts, drainage ditches and culverts within private property, and some areas with no drainage system at all. The City did not have accurate records of the existing system so West Yost performed a field assessment to identify the facilities in the study area and to document their condition. This information was recorded in a GIS database to allow easy access to the information during the study and for future use by the City. 

Potential flooding problems were identified by soliciting input from the residents through public meetings, review of service call records, and by developing hydrologic and hydraulic models for key portions of the drainage system. Economical solutions to the problem were developed and public buy-in was obtained through direct coordination with individual property owners and a public meeting. A $5 million CIP was developed and the City has begun implementing the plan and intends to complete all of the projects within four years after the completion of the study.