Design/Build Program and Construction Management Collection System 9
City of Stockton, California

West Yost assisted the City with a design-build for a $14 million project to extend sewer lines to an undeveloped area in northeast Stockton. West Yost served as the City’s representative to complete 30 percent design, right of way acquisition, design build team procurement, and construction management services. Construction management services included all contract administration, full-time onsite construction monitoring, and all closeout activities.

The Wastewater Collection System 9 project was completed on a fast-track to help the City meet the high demand for residential and commercial development. This $14 million project extends sewer lines to an undeveloped area in northeast Stockton. Project components include approximately 5 miles of sewer lines and force mains and two pump stations.

Project components include more than 5 miles of sewer lines, including 18- and 24-inch diameter ductile iron force mains and two pump stations. The pipeline alignment traverses the Calaveras River, the Stockton Diverting Canal, and two railroad crossings. The pipelines extend through right-of-ways controlled by Caltrans, San Joaquin County, and the City of Stockton, and pass through both undeveloped agricultural areas and fully-developed City streets.

The project also included construction of the Sanguinetti (11 mgd) and Origone (5 mgd) pump stations, which incorporated full SCADA systems, odor control, two-chamber wetwell, submersible pumps, and automated flow control gates.