Design of Storm Drain Basin, Pump Station, and Box Culverts
City of Manteca, California

West Yost prepared a Storm Drain Master Plan for the City and subsequently prepared the predesign and design of a detention basin, pump station, and box culvert. The 16 ac-ft detention basin included a 4 cfs pump station and nearby irrigated landscape and hardscape. Design also incuded 1,500 feet of a 3 feet by 12 feet box culvert, and 1,100 feet of a 3 feet by 8 feet box culvert with associated sewer relocations.

West Yost prepared the detailed design and technical specifications for the detention basin and pump station. The pumps were enclosed in a concrete masonry unit building for sound attenuation. West Yost also designed the discharge piping, valving, and discharge (with a flap gate) into a drainage canal. The building had roof hatches for future removal/maintenance of the pumps/motors. The control system was located inside the building, and a standby generator was also designed.