Construction Management for Headworks and Influent Pump Station
City of Ceres, California

West Yost is providing construction management for construction of a new cast-in-place concrete structure adjacent to the existing headworks while keeping the existing headworks operational.

The existing headworks was constructed in 1978. Prior to construction of the new facilities, the following infrastructure will need to be removed to allow the excavation to be completed; an 18-inch foul air duct to the biofilter; a 6-inch drain lines between the existing headworks; and the biofilter, including the 48-inch manhole.

Due to the extent of excavation, groundwater is likely to be encountered, and groundwater elevations will need to be lowered to at least 4-feet below the excavation bottom to prevent upheaval. If this is the case, temporary dewatering wells will be needed. Due to the close proximity of the new headworks structure to the existing structure, the shoring system is also critical.