Construction Management for College Park Water Storage Tanks & Booster Pump Station
Mountain House Community Services District, California

West Yost provided construction management (CM) and inspection services for the $7 million College Park Water Storage Tanks and Booster Pump Station project. The project included two 3.7 MG prestressed concrete water storage tanks and a combined booster pump station that serves the two different pressure zones (7.9 mgd and 4.3 mgd) on an approximate 2.3-acre site for this growing new community.

The pump station, a 2,100 square-foot masonry building, encloses seven vertical turbine water booster pumps (three for Zone 1 and four for Zone 2). The pump station also includes appurtenant electrical components and instrumentation (including an emergency standby generator), a bathroom, and a sodium hypochlorite system. This facility also incorporates an advanced security design. 

West Yost’s CM team has met several key challenges on the Mountain House projects, including accelerated schedules, various funding sources, coordination with PG&E and County inspectors, and overall attention to detail and work sequencing that saved time and money while adding significant value to the projects.