Construction Management Auburn Tunnel Plug Removal Project
Placer County Water Agency, California

West Yost provided construction management and inspection services on the Auburn Tunnel Plug Removal Project. The work included blasting, hazardous waste removal and steel demolition, with safety being one of the most critical aspects of the project. Event though the project experienced some unforeseen challenges with lead based paint and leaking hydraulic oil, the project was completed on time and under budget.

This short, fast-paced project involved demolition inside the 10 foot diameter tunnel that included a 37 foot long concrete plug that encased one 36-inch and two 32-inch diameter pipelines, a valve chamber that included three 36-inch Howell-Bunger valves, concrete supports, concrete landing including grating and handrails, and a spray chamber that included three 36-inch diameter splash cones encased in concrete and included a 36-inch pipeline that served as a vent for the valve chamber.