Collection System Regulatory Compliance
City of Sausalito, California

West Yost has assisted the City in its timely response to findings from an EPA Clean Water Act compliance evaluation inspection, and the ensuing Order for Compliance issued by the EPA. This included preparing the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) annual reports, Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) audits, system condition assessments, State Revolving Fund (SRF) funding support, and development of a District-wide capital improvement program (CIP). Subsequently, an updated master plan was prepared, which identified over $200 million in upgrades and trunk sewer extensions into growth areas, and West Yost has provided design services on the highest priority projects including pipeline and pump station rehabilitation and replacement.

West Yost worked closely with the City of Sausalito as well as the Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District to assist in the City’s timely response to an EPA Clean Water Act compliance evaluation inspection and Order for Compliance. All service and reports detailed below were provided ahead of schedule for the City. This work included:

  • 2008 and 2009 RWQCB annual reports. West Yost evaluated 2009 and prior sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) data and compiled the annual SSO reports in accordance with SSMP requirements.
  • 2008 and 2009 SSMP audits. West Yost completed the first and second annual audits of the City’s SSMP, as required by RWQCB SSMP guidelines.
  • Conversion of ICOMMM of condition ratings to NASSCO PACP. West Yost reviewed available data related to the City’s existing ICOMMM damage severity index ratings, and converted these ratings to NASSCO PACP to meet the first deliverable deadline established in the EPA Order.
  • Condition rating of pipes using NASSCO PACP. West Yost assigned condition ratings for pipelines that were inspected by others for the City’s I&I assessment, using videos and comments obtained from the I&I assessment project. West Yost is currently assisting the City with CCTV inspection and condition rating to complete the requirements of the EPA order.
  • SRF funding support. West Yost is assisting the City navigate the SRF process, including preparing loan application documents for the City’s priority sewer system replacement projects.
  • CCTV equipment and software evaluation. West Yost reviewed available information on the City’s historical CCTV processes and equipment, presented industry changes that have occurred since this equipment was mobilized, and recommended vendors for CCTV equipment and software that may be considered if future CCTV inspections are completed by City staff.
  • Development of prioritized CIP. West Yost developed a prioritized 5-year CIP based on available CCTV inspection and pipeline maintenance records. This CIP served as the basis for the required sewer rates increase that becomes effective retroactively to July 1, 2009.

An updated master plan was prepared that identified over $200 million in upgrades and trunk sewer extensions into growth areas. The update relied heavily on GIS, mapping, and graphics to produce a number of effective, visually rich planning tools, allowing the utility manager to see the big picture, while providing links to zero in on specific CIP project details. Individual project data sheets described CIP projects in an accessible, convenient and visual format, summarizing relevant information and unique project features affecting costs.

Under this master plan, West Yost completed preliminary and final design for the City’s Priority 1 projects, including pipeline and pump station replacements. West Yost is also completing preliminary design for the Priorities 3c and 3e Projects. These and other projects on the City’s prioritized CIP are critical to the City’s need to quickly pinpoint and relieve sources of known infiltration and inflow.