Citywide Storm Drain Master Plan
City of Vacaville, California

West Yost prepared a comprehensive storm drainage master plan and $16 million Capital Improvement Program for the City. Services included hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of major stream systems using the HEC-1 and HEC-2 computer models, and piping systems using the Storm computer model. Major on-line and off-line detention basin facilities were modeled and sized for integration into the overall stormwater plan. A financing and connection fee study was also completed.

West Yost also served as consultant to the City for NPDES stormwater permitting at City owned and operated facilities. Compliance with the California general permit for “industrial” sites was achieved for two municipal wastewater treatment facilities and an inactive landfill. West Yost worked with City staff to prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for each site, including site investigations and characterizing current operations.

West Yost provided review services to the City for hydraulics and system design of drainage conveyance and detention improvements to serve the Vaca Valley Business Park and provided preliminary design services on the proposed incorporation of detention basin facilities into two multipurpose park projects.