Chico Stormwater Resource Plan
City of Chico

West Yost is currently preparing the City of Chico’s Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP), which will be a concise and compliant document that:

  • Identifies a set of ranked, prioritized, practical, and affordable stormwater projects and an implementation plan that can guide the City’s stormwater management efforts into the future.
  • Completes the Conceptual Design (30% Design) of three highly-ranked projects selected by the City by February 2018 so that strong, highly-competitive Proposition 1 Implementation Grant Applications can be submitted.
  • Achieves the overall schedule goals. We will present the SWRP to City Council on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. We will then present the SWRP for adoption to the Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management (NSV IRWM) Plan by the Northern Sacramento Valley Regional Water Management Group. This schedule is needed so that the successful implementation grant applications can progress through contracting and award of grant funding.