Cannery Segregation Pipeline Diversion Plans
City of Modesto

West Yost is assisting the City of Modesto with an emergency response plan that will identify immediate and long-term strategies for addressing the reliability of the Cannery Segregation collection system pipeline. West Yost is designing an effective short term solution to increase cannery confidence in the aging pipeline, which serves as the only conduit for cannery waste discharge. This is critical to the city’s large food processing industry. Local canneries discharge approximately 38 mgd of peak flow to the pipeline during canning season.

West Yost is coordinating with the canneries, refining flow projections through the use of the City’s hydraulic model, and identifying vulnerable sections of both the Cannery Segregation pipeline as well as the parallel River Trunk pipeline, a critical domestic trunk sewer. The project is being completed in two phases. The Phase 1 Bypass Plan will include careful analysis of potential diversion facilities to, in the event of a failure in the Cannery Segregation pipeline, temporarily bypass flows around the failure. The Phase 2 Bypass/Diversion Plan will, in the event of a failure, temporarily divert flows from the Cannery Segregation Pipeline to the River Trunk during canning season, or combine flows during peak wet weather as needed to provide redundancy to the failed pipeline. Because the Phase 2 solution will add flows and loads to the wastewater treatment plant, West Yost’s analysis and planning will include consideration for storage and treatment of combined flows without costly treatment plant upgrades.