On-Call Modeling & Setterquist Park Design
Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District

After preparing the VSFCD Flood Control Master Plan, West Yost provided on-call modeling and design services on serveral projects for the District. This included preparing the design of a headwall, trash rack, and access road for an open channel within Setterquist Park, reviewing a Caltrans plan to enlarge three culverts under I-80, and developing a low-cost storm drainage improvement plan to address increased flows through the Caltrans culverts.

These tasks were completed within the time frame needed for VSFCD to satisfy its obligations to the City of Vallejo, Caltrans, and its customers. For a related project, West Yost evaluated the causes of the flooding of several house in the Hampshire Street and Mississippi Street Area from the December 2005 storm (within the Austin Creek watershed). This evaluation included modeling the actual rainfall hyetograph with the MOUSE model of the Austin Creek Watershed. The model was found to closely reproduce the actual observed/reported flooding. From this work, it was determined that the storm exceeded the VSFCD design criteria. Results of this analysis were summarized by West Yost staff for the VSFCD Board of Trustees.