Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Organic Loading Study
City of Lodi, California

West Yost completed a BOD Organic Loading Study to evaluate the site-specific cycle average BOD loading limit that is appropriate for the City’s land application site to prevent 1) odorous anaerobic conditions, 2) incomplete removal of organics in the soil profile, 3) mobilization of iron, manganese, and other compounds, and 4) increases in bicarbonate in the soil solution via carbon dioxide conditions.

The study included field tests where unblended, high strength industrial process wastewater (peach cannery) was applied onto a portion the City’s agricultural reuse fields in the City’s discharge area. In addition, bench-scale tests were conducted where a range of concentrations of cannery wastewater were applied to soil column tests constructed for this purpose. Both tests involved the collection and analysis of soil and percolate samples. As a result of this effort, the Regional Board has agreed to double the City’s allowable BOD loading limit to the land application area. This has allowed the cannery discharging to the City’s WPCF to increase wastewater flows.