Big Horn Municipal Wells
Sacramento County Water Agency, California

West Yost provided design services for a new 6,000 gpm groundwater supply in Sacramento County. Typical production depths in the area yield groundwater with arsenic concentrations that can approach or exceed the 10-µg/l federal Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). Deeper zones can contain concentrations of manganese, iron and other constituents that exceed secondary MCLs and can require treatment. Groundwater from the wells meets all drinking standards. The wells were designed and constructed to enable sealing of zones that may be affected by water quality changes in the future.

New production wells were needed to meet the increasing demand in the area and to replace Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA) groundwater supply lost due to implementation of the federal MCL for arsenic. West Yost provided hydrogeologic services, well design services and design services during construction for drilling of five 1,500 feet test holes, construction of three 1,500 feet production wells and a 1,500 feet, stainless steel, multiple completion monitoring well. West Yost worked closely with SCWA during all phases of the project to ensure that the wells were constructed according to SCWA’s requirements.