Basin 119 Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation and Master Plan
City of Sacramento, California

West Yost completed a Draft Sewer System Evaluation and Master Plan report for the City of Sacramento Basin 119 sanitary sewer facilities. The West Yost master planning evaluation included field assessment and inspection, collection system flow/surcharge metering, statistical analysis of the City’s GIS and sewer maintenance databases, hydraulic modeling analysis, and development of a prioritized Capital Improvement Program. 

Basin 119, located south of downtown Sacramento, covers approximately 3,000 acres and contains over one hundred miles of sanitary sewer main lines and an estimated 150 miles of service laterals. The Basin 119 area has many older sewer facilities and experienced significant infiltration and inflow (I&I) during the wet season.

Major rehabilitation elements of the proposed CIP included replacement of the Sump 119 pump station, upsizing of undersized sewer lines in key areas, rehabilitation of severely defective sewer lines and manholes throughout the basin, rehabilitation of private property sewer utilities throughout the basin, and SCADA-upgrades. Other key recommendations included modification of the City’s sewer use ordinance, implementation of storm drainage improvements in flood-prone areas, and appointment of a Data Manager position to manage the City’s sanitary sewer system-related data.