Kevin Swazas, PE, CCM
Construction Management Business Sector Manager

Kevin Swazas was named West Yost’s business sector manager for construction management in 2007 He leads eight people who provide construction management and inspection services to public sector clients. As business manager, Kevin leads the business development and operations of the CM business sector. Before leading the construction management sector, he was seller-doer of construction management and inspection services of many large-scale wastewater treatment and pump station projects. His expertise is in construction management for water and wastewater treatment facilities. He has been a California-registered professional mechanical engineer since 1984. He has been a certified construction manager since 2006. Kevin joined West Yost in 2007.

“I enjoy keeping our group thriving and maintaining a positive atmosphere where we can all feel good about what we do and why we do it and want to continue doing it with passion and enthusiasm for years to come.”

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