Jim Yost, PE

Jim Yost, a founding Principal of West Yost, has over 40 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering, with special expertise in water, wastewater, and drainage facilities planning and design.

He has directed the preparation of water and sewer projects for a number of communities and special districts throughout California, and is particularly skilled in presenting the results of these efforts to the system users and governing bodies. Jim’s experience includes the preparation of many water master plans and water supply plans, specialized studies of water use and the effects on unit demands of water conservation measures, and analysis of the incremental costs of system operations and optimization. He has specialized expertise and experience in water rights and water transfers, and has assisted a number of agencies in the purchase of supplemental water supply. He has also worked on a number of water systems with both surface and groundwater supplies, is familiar with the issues related to integration of these two supply sources, and has participated in recent studies of full or partial conversion to surface water supplies in response to the water quality problems that are becoming more common in groundwater.