Training and Continuing Education

West Yost recognizes that everyone, especially engineers and scientists, desire and require training to excel in their profession. We offer in-house presentations and webinars that allow staff to socialize, learn from the presenter/presentation, and learn from each other through interactive Q&A sessions which follow each session. Training opportunities are also provided to team members through webinars, online training, in-house workshops, professional conferences, and off-site commercially-provided seminars.

Education, Registrations, Accreditation, and Certifications: West Yost will reimburse up to 100% of team members’ education fees for curriculum directly applicable to their position or career goals within the firm. This includes both engineers and non-technical staff, and can range from individual courses to entire degree programs. In addition, West Yost routinely assists staff in getting professional registrations, accreditation, and certifications that benefit both the individual and the firm.

Professional Organizations: West Yost supports and encourages staff to participate in professional organizations. These organizations provide significant training opportunities through monthly meetings, as well as specialty conferences, seminars, workshops, and publications.