Midwestern Placer Regional Wastewater Project
City of Lincoln

The Midwestern Placer Regional Sewer Project (Regional Sewer) will consolidate wastewater treatment for Placer County’s Sewer Maintenance District No.1 (SMD 1) and the City to capitalize on economies of scale, facilitate compliance with water quality regulations and reduce water quality impacts on foothill streams. 

The $41 million project includes construction of a new pump station at the current SMD 1 facility on Joeger Road in North Auburn, construction of a 13-mile, 22- to 24-inch, force main pipeline from SMD 1 facility to the City’s trunk sewer, and improvements to the Lincoln Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility (WWTRF) on Fiddyment Road to provide for the increased flows from SMD 1. The project also includes 2-miles of 14- and 16- inch reclaimed water pipeline from the Lincoln WWTRF west on E. Catlett Road.

The project team focused on quality, time, and minimizing impacts to the residential neighborhood where the project was built. To accomplish success in these areas a cooperative spirit was important to establish and maintain at the very beginning with the contractor, designer, neighbors and construction management team.

At the onset of construction, fliers were prepared. Every house that bordered the project perimeter was given a summary of the project that included the schedule, scope, and name and phone number of the project superintendent. They were encouraged to contact the contractor whenever they had questions or concerns. 

Because of the restrictions to access through the open space, all construction activities were required to access the site via one residential street. To benefit the community and the environment, any material tracked onto the city street was immediately scrapped and swept clean before the end of each work day. 

Another environmental and sustainable feature of the project was the recycling requirement for construction materials. All construction material was either sent to a material recycling yard for re-use, or was transferred to another job site for reuse by the contractor.