East Bay MESA Alliance
25 Years of Service

As part of our 25 Years of Service Program, West Yost’s Walnut Creek office staff recommended the East Bay MESA Alliance (EBMA) as their office charity of choice. Walnut Creek office employees volunteered as judges for EBMA’s The Walk on Water Competition which engaged community junior high, high school, community college students in a competition to design floating shoes that could be used to cross the length of a swimming pool.

MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) provides educationally and economically disadvantaged students with the skills and resources to be successful in school and prepare for a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. EBMA’s mission is to enhance the pipeline of MESA programs in East Bay Region and offer local students an enriched experience.

“Thank you for taking time to support our students from all over the East Bay, and thank you for your financial contribution.”
– Nicole Trager, PhD, MESA Director

The Walk on Water Competition is a competition involving the design of floating shoes to be used to cross the length of a swimming pool. The shoes were “piloted” by individuals in a timed event against other “shoe pilots”. Original, innovative designs were encouraged, as was the use of recycled material. The competition was intended as a interactive, engaging, friendly competition between junior high, high schools, community college students.