Career Development

Our engineers are excited about interesting and challenging projects, growing as professionals, and enjoying the time they spend at work. At West Yost we have an organizational structure, career coaching, and strategic planning process that focuses on putting staff on the types of projects or assignments they are most interested in.

Organizational Focus and Structure: West Yost’s administrative and management structure is, by design, separate from technical work (projects) or specific areas of expertise. In this way, staff are connected with others through their management team, through their geographic office, through project work, and through technical business sectors. The number and variety of these connections give staff exposure to a variety of professionals representing all areas of planning, engineering, and construction management in the areas of water, wastewater, and stormwater.

West Yost has very purposefully remained true to our focus as a “water firm.” This focus makes the flow across project, office, and technical boundaries much more seamless for our staff.

Technical Business Sectors: Business Sectors are focused on the core areas of our expertise and are organized to bring staff together to share information and ideas, identify and pursue marketing opportunities, help to align resources with project needs, and hold each other accountable for meeting personal, group, and firm goals.

Teams without Borders: West Yost uses work sharing between offices to provide staff with more diverse project selections, and to help match staff with projects in their areas of interest. To support working together across geographic boundaries, we provide instant messaging, live-meeting, and video conference tools. Over 53% of our technical staff have laptops and all staff have access to laptops that are VPN enabled, allowing staff to access their network remotely.

Mentoring: We have a Peer Partner Program, which pairs new-hires with existing team members, whose job is to welcome newcomers to West Yost and help them in the first days. We also have a Mentoring Program.  West Yost offers an optional mentoring program and, when requested, assists employees in selecting an appropriate mentor. Our mentoring program is well defined and promoted with new staff, existing staff, and management.