On-Call Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
City of Modesto, California

West Yost’s team has provided a variety of on-call hydrogeologic consulting services supporting the City of Modesto. The City owns over 100 water wells, some of which are in need of rehabilitation or replacement due to age, poor water quality, or both. West Yost has helped with City to evaluate hydrologic and geophysical test boring data to recommend the next City production well site and will then support drilling operation and design for a new production well. Our team has also assessed an existing well using downhole methods developed by the USGS, which enable video logging, vertical flow profiling and depth discete water quality sample collection with the permanent pumping equipment in place and active. Information collected is used to assess the condition of the well, quantify the production from each of the aquifer zones penetrated by the well, and define the water quality obtained from each of the zones. West Yost used this information to assess well rehabilitation and replacement alternatives capable of achieving the City’s production and quality goals.