Andy Malone, PG, Joins West Yost
Mr. Malone, formerly with WEI, joins with over 23 years of experience

11.16.2020 - Mr. Malone has over 23 years of professional experience in water resources consulting and the geologic sciences. His technical expertise includes sedimentary geology, tectonics, basin characterization, hydrogeologic and hydrologic analyses, aquifer mechanics, Geographic Information Systems, and database design and implementation. Mr. Malone specializes in investigative strategies for hydrologic and hydrogeologic studies and supports the development next generation of expert water-resources professionals as a mentor. 

Mr. Malone is leading an effort with the Six Basins Watermaster to develop and implement an improved water-resources management program with an emphasis of to maximize the beneficial use of the groundwater basin—a local, renewable resource. 

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Contact: Andy Malone, PG, Principal Hydrogeologist