Service Overview

Our in-house groundwater resources team offers a full-service approach across the entire spectrum of disciplines including studies and planning; modeling; regulatory and permitting assistance; well rehabilitation and new municipal and ASR well design; funding assistance; construction phase services; and operation, maintenance (O&M), and optimization of existing systems. We bring the value of understanding and knowledge gained from groundwater modeling and aquifer evaluations, through planning and into the design of facilities that best meet your long-term goals of quantity, quality, and conjunctive use supply strategies. In addition, West Yost staff can apply construction and O&M knowledge to the design process to improve construction document quality and reduce construction risks, costs, and delays.

Our groundwater expertise includes the following:

Permitting/ Regulatory Compliance

  • Groundwater Impact Analysis
  • Groundwater Management Plans
  • State Department of Public Health Services and Regional Water Quality Control Board Coordination Planning
  • Field Investigations
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Groundwater Investigations and Basin Management Planning
  • Drought Response/Preparation
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plans
  • Feasibility Studies for Conjunctive Use, ASR, Groundwater Banking and Recycled Water
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery Programs
  • Well Condition Assessments

Design (See Also Infrastructure Design)

  • Groundwater Wells (Monitoring and Production) and Pump Stations
  • Well Redevelopment and Rehabilitation
  • Injection/Extraction, Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells/Facilities
  • Dewatering Systems and Facilities
  • Groundwater Banking Facilities and Recharge Basins
  • Groundwater Treatment Systems
  • Well Development Bidding Assistance and Construction Oversight


  • Groundwater Facility Optimization and O&M Support

Municipal Well Design and Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
City of Woodland, California

West Yost is supporting the City of Woodland’s (City) efforts to expand and improve the quality and sustainability of its groundwater supply. The City relies completely on groundwater, which is produced from an intermediate depth aquifer. The City is expanding its groundwater production to meet projected water demands and improve water quality by constructing new wells in a deeper aquifer zone which, locally, has superior water quality. West Yost has evaluated hydrogeologic conditions and groundwater quality, designed the wells, and provided hydrogeologic support during construction. West Yost is currently preparing a groundwater management plan for the City.


Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Demonstration Project
City of Tracy, California

West Yost is responsible for managing and directing technical work associated with the feasibility of implementing an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) program for the City. This program involves the injection of treated surface water (when available during the winter months) into the groundwater basin for storage and later extraction during peak demand periods or dry years.