Floodplain Mapping


Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Facility Stormwater Runoff and Sediment Transport Analysis
BrightSource Energy, Inc., California

West Yost prepared a 2-dimensional storm drainage model for a proposed 400 MW solar power project covering 4,000 acres in the Ivanpah Valley in the Mojave Desert in California. The project is situated on an alluvial fan located at the base of the Clark Mountain Range. Flood flows from the mountains are initially confined in incised channels, but once arriving on the alluvial fan, the flood flows are less confined and can take random paths across the fan.


Sterling Chateau #5 FEMA LOMR Application
City of Vacaville

Using Flo-2D modeling software, West Yost developed a 2-dimensional hydraulic model to route Alamo Creek overflows through a residential neighborhoods for several miles and back into Alamo Creek. Staff also prepared a FEMA LOMR application for a portion of the floodplain.