What Our Interns Think

One of my favorite things about working here is the amount of responsibility, creative latitude, and support that I have in project work. I have had many opportunities to apply engineering theory to real problems with guidance from industry experts, making my time here a valuable training experience. It’s also satisfying to know that my work helps communities deliver clean water to homes and businesses! Overall, West Yost is a wonderful environment for both learning and developing professionally.

Joe Wildman 

Engineering Intern


I originally began working at West Yost as an administrative intern for the summer. Within days I found myself captivated by West Yost culture. It is rare to enjoy working with every single person you interact with, but I found that to be the case here. It is even rarer for every single employee to be genuinely welcoming, but that was also the case. By the end of the summer I knew that I did not want to let this opportunity end and asked for an extension. As my time continues, I find that I am able to grow and learn from each department. The best part being that no one turns down an opportunity to teach you if you only ask.

Lauren David

Administrative Assistant (began as Administrative Intern)