Recycled Water Services We Provide

Water is one of our most precious natural resources—it is vital for all living things and all our economic activities. By recycling water, we can better maintain and manage our limited water supplies and ensure the sustainability of water supplies for future generations. Recycled water is already in widespread use throughout California, the nation and the world. In California alone it is estimated that over 200 billion gallons per year of recycled water are currently used with the demand for this valuable resource continuing to grow. West Yost recognizes the importance of recycled water to creating a balanced and diversified water portfolio. We are dedicated to helping clients develop and implement cost-effective and environmentally-friendly recycled water projects that exceed regulatory requirements and have strong community and public acceptance.

West Yost’s integrated approach to water resources incorporates full-service technical services for recycled water planning and design, with a comprehensive understanding of water that you will not find anywhere else. Our focus has always been on water, and only water. As demands increase and regulations become more stringent and supplies more scarce, our clients have come to rely on us to understand the interconnections and interdependency of recycled water with supply planning, wastewater discharge strategies, groundwater and stormwater management, and regulatory compliance.


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