Award-Winning Wastewater Collection System Design Projects

Influent Pump Station, Mt. View Sanitary District – Old Pump Station, Small Budget, Big Improvement

Influent Pump Station, Mt. View Sanitary District – Old Pump Station, Small Budget, Big Improvement

2016 Winner of CASA’s Outstanding Capital Project, Small Agency


I-680 at Sabercat Road Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project
Union Sanitary District, California

The I-680 at Sabercat Road sanitary sewer in Fremont, California, is a 12-inch diameter vitrified clay pipe (VCP) gravity pipeline installed about 50 years ago by open-cut trenching.  A CCTV survey revealed that the existing pipeline was severely offset where it crossed the Hayward fault.  The pipeline was replaced using trenchless methods (tunneling) along a parallel alignment 30 feet north of the existing pipeline which allowed the existing pipeline to remain active during construction.  The new alignment is approximately 1,000 feet long, has a depth of cover varying from a


Downtown Sewer Replacement Project
City of Yuba City, California

West Yost designed the relocation, replacement, and/or rehabilitation of existing sewers in the City’s downtown residential area to address structural deficiencies, maintenance issues, and system reliability. The existing sewers were installed nearly 100 years ago and could not be cleaned or maintained due to pipe fragility and lack of access. The challenges of replacing these backyard sewers included access, public outreach, homeowner coordination, design approach, and construction methods for rerouting sewer laterals.


Oak Park Regional Storage
City of Sacramento, California

West Yost designed an off-line storage project to address flooding and assist the City in meeting their EPA issued consent decree to improve performance of the combined system through a new facility to store flows and reduce street flooding temporarily during storm events. These conveyance facilities then allow the stored storm flows to be released back into the combined sewer system.


Auburn Ravine Lift Station
Placer County, California

West Yost provided an award-winning project for Placer County that provided a cost conscious solution to the rehabilitation of the Auburn Ravine Lift Station (ARLS).


14-Mile Slough Pump Station
City of Stockton, California

West Yost provided design and construction management services to expand the existing 14-Mile Slough Pump Station (14-MSPS) by nearly 700%. This project represents one of the largest trench-style wetwell pump stations in California. The award-winning pump station upgrade increased reliable pumping capacity from 3.75 mgd to 14 mgd, and with a buildout capacity of 22.5 mgd.


Central Trunk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD), California

West Yost provided preliminary and final design of one of the largest cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) projects in the US, to rehabilitate approximately 44,700 feet of sewer using an innovative liner material (iPlus®). The trunk line is 42-inches to 60-inches in diameter and runs under major streets, residential backyards, creeks, a freeway, through protected wetlands, and near many homes, schools, and businesses. Approximately 3,000 feet of the Franklin Trunk is also included in the project.


Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update
Clean Water Services District, Oregon

West Yost prepared a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan for the District. The project included evaluating the system, expanding and updating the collection system hydraulic model, and ranking problem areas according to severity of surcharging under three development conditions in order to differentiate between near-term and long-term projects.